School Advisory Council

School Advisory Council

The School Advisory Council is established by the pastor, in accord with Archdiocesan policy and the spirit of Canon Law, to assist the pastor and principal in the educational mission of the parish school. It uses discernment and consensus in assisting and advising the pastor and the principal.

In the Archdiocese of Denver, all councils are advisory in nature.

School Advisory Council General Responsibilities
  • Goal Evaluation
  • Planning
  • Policy formulation and development for school operation
  • Finances and Budgeting Policies
  • Public relations
  • Marketing
  • Assisting in the Principal Selection as requested by the Pastor
  • Buildings and Grounds Assessments and Acquisitions

School Advisory Councils in the Archdiocese of Denver do not engage in matters regarding discipline, parent grievances, program development, approval of materials, or the hiring, evaluation, or termination of teachers and principals.

In all matters, the School Advisory Council functions in an advisory capacity only.

The School Advisory committee is made up of the pastor, school administrators, the development director, and selected members of the school parent community.

Assumption School’s Advisory Council meets once a month during the school year.

For more information about the School Advisory Council please contact the school office.

Current School Advisory Council Members

Pastor: Father Brian Morrow email: FatherBrian(at)assumptiondenver.orgFather_Brian

Ordained as a Franciscan priest in 1980, Father Brian was incardinated into the Archdiocese of Denver by Archbishop Stafford in the 1990’s. At that time, he was pastor of St. James Parish in Denver. Father Brian is originally from Falls Church, Virginia near Washington D.C., but he has called Colorado home for over 35 years. Some of his favorite activities are: reading, hiking and planting in his garden.


Chairperson: Ms. Kelli Frank email: kelli.frank(at)comcast.netKelli_Frank

Kelli and her husband have been parishioners of Assumption for many years and have three children currently attending Assumption School. Kelli was baptized at Assumption and loves the parish community. She has been a member of the School Advisory Council for over three years.


Council Member: Ms. Robin O’Dorisio email: robin(at)swansupply.comRobin_O'Dorisio

Ms. O’Dorisio was born and raised in the Welby area and is the mother of two Assumption students. Robin has a Masters of Education with an emphasis in leadership and organizational development. Robin has been a parishioner for over 40 years with a family history of involvement with Assumption church since its formation. Robin’s husband, Steve is also a member of the parish as the two were married at Assumption over 12 years ago.



Council Member: Ms. Melissa DePinto email: depintomd(at)comcast.comMelissa_DePinto

Ms. DePinto is a Colorado native and attended Assumption as a child. She finds the same love and comfort within the walls of Assumption today as her own son now attends Assumption. Melissa feels the peace that radiates from the Assumption community and is compelled to share the gift of love she received when she attended the school as a child. She is anxious to serve the Assumption community for many years to come.