FastDirect Communications

FastDirect Communications

fast direct

FastDirect Communications is a web based school information system. It provides a unique opportunity for the community of Assumption School to access support for timely communication between School Staff and Parents concerning the entire school student body. It is an easy method for all users to communicate, participate and stay informed about the Assumption School Community.

Follow these easy instructions for FastDirect Parent Activation.

Assumption Teacher Bulletin Boards: Fast Direct Communications

These are some of the features provided by FastDirect:

Timely Communications = A Well Informed Community
  • Secure intranet email with SMS text and email notification options.
  • Collaborative viewing of reports
  • Post resource documents (newsletters, handbooks, school forms, etc.)
  • Up-to-date directories, calendars, menus, and even finance transactions
Grade & Assignment Sharing
  • Assignment calendars give parents access to student assignments
  • Online grade reports track and communicate progress
  • Teacher BulletinBoards promote collaboration and active learning
  • Customizable faculty BulletinBoards and Links section
Secure Environment
  • Real-time attendance allows you to know who is on campus at all times
  • Text notification notifies parents quickly of an emergency at school